The Density Filter

The density filter is an integral part of MED I.D.'s unique x-ray identification system. The density filter mounts easily on the outside of x-ray cassettes. Labels, with typed or written patient data, are placed over the density filter. X-rays passing through the MED I.D. label transfer patient data instantly and permanently to the film in a clear and readable high contrast image. Patient data transferred from MED I.D. labels won't fade or separate from the film. Used carefully, your density filter will last for years.

Our density filters are customized according to your practice type. To determine the style best suits your needs, choose your practice type to the left.


To order a personalized density filter, review the instructions and complete the order form. Then send it to your MED I.D. distributor or directly to Medical I.D. Systems, Inc. Our convenient toll free telephone number is available if you need technical assistance.