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Barium impregnated polyethylene spheres (BIPS)

BIPS is a diagnostic procedure that is indicated for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal obstructions in dogs and cats. Combined with x-rays, spheres of two sizes are used to detect blockages and motility problems in the stomach and intestines.

BIPS is also a cost-effective procedure that utilizes a 2-step approach that gives you more evidence for the diagnoses within 24 hours.

How BIPS are Administered

BIPS is administered easily in food or by mouth to avoid the problem of giving liquid barium by stomach tube and syringe. BIPS comes in two sizes and have a density similar to food but are sufficiently radio-dense to show clearly on abdominal radiographs (x-rays).

This procedure can definitively diagnose gastrointestinal obstructions and motility disorders in cats and dogs without liquid barium and reduces the need for exploratory surgery.

Products Used for BIPS


BIPS are packaged with 15 Small Cap Options or 15 Large Cap Options.


X-Ray Tape – the x-ray tape uses an exposure absorbing material.


Density Filter – our density filters are customized according to your practice type.