General X-Ray and Other Veterinary Equipment

Medical ID Systems Inc. in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a reliable veterinary equipment manufacturer. With more than 30 years of industry experience, we have become a reliable source of products including tools for general radiography (X-ray).

General Radiography (X-Ray)

This is a common tool that allows us to create imaging that showcases internal structures for better diagnosis. This form of diagnosis is proven to be an effective tool for direct indication of present illness.

General X-Ray Products

We manufacture high-quality x-ray tools that aim to make the diagnostic imaging process more efficient. With this, our product catalog includes:

X-Ray Identification Tape

  • Produce sharp, easy-to-ready information
  • Personalized labels for your practice
  • Reliable three step process

Density Filter

  • Mounts easily on outside of x-ray cassettes
  • Readable high contrast image
  • Labels won't fade or separate. Lasts for years.

Work With Us

Apart from our high-quality general x-ray products, we also offer products to assist in podiatry diagnosis. Browse through our products to find out more.