Veterinary Products for Podiatry Diagnosis

Medical ID Systems Inc. is a veterinary products manufacturer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We specialize in the use of Barium Impregnated Polyethylene Spheres (BIPS) that may require a variety of podiatry products.


Podiatry looks into the diagnosis and treatment of the he foot, ankle, and leg. Our company manufactures products that aid in effectively diagnosing issues for effective treatment.

Our Podiatry Products

The catalog of podiatry products we provide includes the following products:

X-Ray Identification Tape

  • Produce sharp, easy-to-ready information
  • Personalized labels for your practice
  • Reliable three step process

Density Filter

  • Mounts easily on outside of x-ray cassettes
  • Readable high contrast image
  • Labels won't fade or separate. Lasts for years.

Client Feedback

"The MED I.D. x-ray system makes identifying radiographs fast and safe. The names are permanent, and MED I.D. is inexpensive, effortless and consistent."
- Susan Cornell, Orthodontic Associates Inc.

"The clarity and readability of MED I.D. x-ray identification tape is excellent."
- Harriet White, PMAC

"We're very pleased with the quality and clarity of MED I.D. x-ray labels. The labels come out consistently clear and sharp, both in the hospital and in the field. They have been superior to other x-ray labeling systems we have used."
- Nat Messer, DVM

Find the Right Tools

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